Trump created US Space Military Force

Satellites allow you to maintain most of the modern hostilities using GPS systems and wireless communication. Due to this, such systems become tempting targets for opponents. US Air Force is responsible for protecting American satellites and spacecraft and want to continue to do this.

President Donald Trump is confident that potential dangers require the formation of a new military industry, which will later become known as the US Space Armed Forces. Critics are confident that this decision will only strengthen the bureaucracy in the country and will increase the and without the consistency of the army. Supporters say that a new military branch is necessary to strengthen the US defense according to the future dangers of the modern world.

Today, there is really a similar direction, but not in the Hollywood sense. No alien invaders attacking Seattle have not yet been discovered. The main threat is the ability to turn off or destroy opponent’s satellites from the ground.

The following events are known in history, causing US authorities:

It is likely that other countries are not lagging behind. If you destroy the spy satellite, the flow of operational information from a certain place may stop. The incapable communication satellite can make ground troops separated from the current position of combat operations. And since the existing international treaties governing outer space do not have clear definitions, even civilian satellites can become a target for states seeking to keep or attack their enemies. Against the background of the submitted position, the United States will strive to protect themselves from the Space side.

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