UBS: Bitcoin until I can replace money

The new report of the UBS investment bank says that at the moment Bitcoin cannot replace money due to high volatility and insufficient distribution.

The analysts of the bank believe that now cryptocurrency is in low demand, therefore is strongly susceptible to harsh price fluctuations. However, if

In the study of the Swiss Holding, it is also said that while this type of assets cannot be considered viable. The report yesterday was sent to all bank customers. In the conclusion of the UBS report, it indicates that Bitcoin does not meet the necessary criteria to be considered money, but this possibility is not excluded in the future.

UBS promises to follow the changes in the cryptoeconomics and the development of the blockchain. The document was drawn up in response to numerous appeals of customers interested in virtual currency. The conclusions of the authors are based on the analysis of Bitcoin on macroeconomic indicators and comparing its effectiveness with other assets.

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