United Kingdom presented a fighter with energy weapons

The UK Ministry of Defense presented a full-sized model of the future multi-purpose Tempest fighter, which can fly without a pilot and will be equipped with energy weapons.

The United Kingdom plans to create a fully British combat aircraft. The government argues that the first samples will be adopted by 2035. The project includes many advanced technologies and refers to the sixth generation of combat units.

One of the most important innovations will be the fact that the fighter will be able to fly with a pilot or without him. It will also be able to manage the BPL group using them to distract attention, attacks, protection, and interact with other tactical units on the battlefield, coordinating their actions and exchanged data.

Tempest will be equipped with supersonic weapons for air and terrestrial targets. According to the developers, the fighter will receive energy weapons with the «nekinetic effect». This will not necessarily be a laser, but at least an electromagnetic impulse weapon or the installation of a powerful microwave radiation. While this system is not described in detail.

A number of companies will take part in the production. Rolls Royce will engage in engines, MBDA weapon development company, and the Italian Leonardo Contractor will create integrable sensors and electronic systems. The reason for the production of own technology was the exit of the country from the EU and an independent future. In addition to improving defense capability, the UK plans to export Tempest and create new jobs.

The United States also works on fantastic combat technologies. It became known that