US will create 3D printed submarines

US Defense Plans to create submarines for Navy using modern 3D printing technologies to reduce the time and cost of production.

The first samples will be displayed in the open sea no earlier than 2020, but the National Oak Ridge laboratory has already manufactured a prototype. A nine-meter SEAL submarine body has been created for elite fleet units performing operations in particularly dangerous regions.

Typically, the process of manufacturing such a submarine lasts 3-5 months and costs $ 800 thousand. Introduction to the production of innovative technologies and 3D printing allows you to reduce the time to two weeks, and the cost of $ 60 thousand. Such indicators and the possibility of operational equipment of marines were interested in the US Defense Ministry. In addition, the submarine can be made taking into account the characteristics of a particular operation.

The trading war between the United States and China stimulates the arms race, so the latter recently announced that