Vietnam will ban ASIC

State Bank Vietnam supported the proposal of the Government on the temporary ban of the import of ASIC-miners.

Strengthening the crypto-separated control is caused by nationwide fraud associated with ICO, as a result of which 32 thousand investors lost about $ 660 million. After that, the Vietnam Prime Minister instructed the government to investigate and take appropriate measures. Last month, the Ministry of Finance, together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, announced the tightening of control and decided to make equipment for mining cryptocurrency in the list of goods prohibited for imports.

After discussing the issue with the Central Bank it was decided to introduce a temporary embargo on ASIC. According to the Customs since the beginning of 2018, more than 6,300 units of such equipment were delivered to Vietnam.

The actions of fraudsters strongly changed the course of the authorities regarding Cryptoveeconomics. Last year, the government prepared a legislative base for the legalization of virtual currencies, but this did not happen. In October 2017, a ban was imposed on payments, and by the end of this year it is planned to introduce a penalty for the use of cryptocurrency in the amount of $ 8900.

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