What frowned «Clouds Ichimoku»: the review is cryptocurrency per week

Experts believe that in contrast to classical assets, the digital coins market in the summer is in revitalization. In many ways, the possibility of thawed, which users have observed for two past weeks, were opened thanks to the transfer of the FATF and G20 report to autumn (presumably, October). Consideration of issues about ETF Bitcoin moved to September. At the moment Gemini received a negative decision on its second application).

To other news that affected the market. The crypto community noted the lack of a sequence among major sites, at which previously cryptoprojects were advertising. Despite the notes, media resources still misses certain projects. Even those that do not correspond to security criteria. According to users, a gradual weakening may eventually return an ICO advertisement, since corporations do not want to lose the large remuneration for campaigning.
In South Korea, it was decided to form a separate bureau to address issues related to crypton and innovation in the financial industry.
From negative, you can allocate high-profile applications Ajaya Bang from Mastercard. He called cryptocurrency garbage.

We invite you to get acquainted with the consequences of last week, as well as see what it is worth being prepared soon. Technical analysis in this review is built on the Ishimoku indicator. The author of the indicator is the Japanese analyst of the Josoda, as well as Satoshi Dzamoto printed under the pseudonym Sanjdin Ishimoku.

Elementus Inc. Specialists Founding a curious feature — only 1/3 of the total mass of Bitcoin transactions are manufactured in order to acquire goods and services. The remainder belongs to speculators. Also last week, the Bitcoin futures was first successfully exchanged for the BTS.

Despite the positive attitude of the crypto community, after long-term growth on the power of a turning figure, which is marked with a green oval challenge. Probably, the moment of turning can be the nearest stable level, or the overall border of the channel.

Based on the current position, the further motion of Bitcoin may be as follows:

Pink branch

Green branch

Support for cryptocurrency was the publication of Coinbase data. According to them, traders did not apply an insider trading in relation to Bitcoin Cash. Also it became known that the project team began to work to reduce block production time.

According to Ishimoku indicators, the coin has not yet fully exhausted its growth opportunities. Based on this event, there may be such:

Pink branch

Green branch

It became known that in the autumn, the air expects Hardfork. What changes will be made to the Constantinople protocol, and when the «plugs» say exactly the community is still unknown.

The graph of the red cloud is evaporated on the chart. The price has all the chances of going to the correction already within the current week. According to the other details of the graph, the most likely trajectories of further movement may be the following:

Pink branch

Green branch

The coin community is still in a light confusion after the statement of Charlie whether the investors must acquire bitcoins. Restoring a competitor, head Litecoin forgot about his «brainchild».

At the moment there is a sidewall, which, according to the transition of the Ishimoka cloud in the Red Zone, has every chance to end the price reduction. The most likely trajectory of further movement is marked with a pink branch.

Dash continues attempts to find understanding and support from investors who approve the anonymity of transactions. In particular, expansion continues to Venezuela, the president of which not so long ago announced the speedy ubiquitous launch of El Petro.

The most likely «scenario» of the further movement of the coin is to continue the movement on the downward amplitude inside the triangle. Cloud Ichimoku indicates the descending trend of the pricing. Probably, after rebound from the bottom border, the perspective of a small correctional growth will open to the coin followed by the continuation of the movement towards the end of the figure.

We asked our experts: Timothy Fortunatov from Tugush Blockchain Capital and Analytics FXPRO Alexander Kotsikevich Make a Lumen Tocquence Forecast Cryptovaya Stellar:

  • XLM still manages to maintain its main feature — a strong retention of prices and fairly fast rollbacks in its fall even in the most difficult moments for the market. Given the partnership of the Stellar team with IBM, the increased interest of investors to the «binder assets» and confident hold of 6 line of capitalization rating — it does not seem awesome.
    I did not exception and the end of June, when the XLM prices are observed up to $ 0.182. However, it took less than a month to return to $ 0.3, and observing the current positive market dynamics, it is safe to say that this week Stellar will manage to maintain lateral movement in the $ 0.29- $ 0.32 area.

For successful growth, XLM needs applications from the team of developers and IBM. Many investors carefully expect increased attention of central banks and major financial organizations to this currency already in the fourth quarter of 2018, and if these expectations are really justified, the positive dynamics will only be a matter of time. — Notes Timofey Fortunates.

The course and volumes of XLM increased significantly on July 26 due to the listing of the coin on the largest Huobi Stock Exchange, as well as on the background of the growth of reference Bitcoin. During the day, the trading volume grew by almost 86%, while the course rose by 13%. Nevertheless, after the SEC refusal, in the registration of Bitcoin etf, the market went down, and the XLM followed other altkins, throwing up to previous values. The newspaper around XLM was positive lately: this is the certification of the Islamic consulting company Shariyah Review Bureau, which indicates the company’s plans to enter the market of translations of the Middle East, and Listing on large stock exchanges, however, for a full-scale rally lacks really strong news triggers. The upcoming week is highly likely to be held for XLM in the range of about $ 0.31- $ 0.34, to the upper boundary in the absence of its own large releases, the coin will be able to go in the case of a new positive for top coins. -As-explained Alexander Kuzckevich.