Xiaomi will reward their users «miles»

A major electronics manufacturer Xiaomi announced the launch of a new block-site, which will be replaced by old. The update will build a remuneration system. From now on, users will be able to earn the so-called Mili.

In order to get them, you need to perform certain actions. These include the following: Assistance in the form of providing data to improve the possibilities of artificial Xiaomi intelligence, WiFi voluntary distribution, connecting new IoT devices, testing new products from Xiaomi, inviting friends to the community and the like.

Speaking about the possibilities and ways to spend the received miles, it is worth noting that they will be a binding element within the entire Xiaomi ecosystem. Based on this, they can be used as a payment element when ordering any service, products, software.

Thanks to the activation of this program, Xiaomi representatives intend to significantly strengthen their community. In their opinion, the Unified Remuneration System, which will be very generous, will help to submit an ecosystem in a new light: if earlier the user could not afford to purchase certain programs, now, with the help of miles, he will be able to see all the capabilities of his own gadget.

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